Code of Conduct

1.1 Directors, delegates, team members, and admins (herein: participants) shall adhere to the EGIMUN code of conduct and conference rules.

1.2 Participants shall be punctual and commit to attending all conference sessions and activities as scheduled by EGIMUN. In the event of an unavoidable absence or tardiness, the participant must promptly provide notice to the EGIMUN secretariat along with a valid reason for such absence or tardiness.

1.3 Failure to provide timely notice and a valid reason may result in consequences at the discretion of the secretariat, which may include but are not limited to issuing a verbal warning, suspension from conference activities, or other appropriate measures.

1.4 The use of tobacco, alcohol, e-cigarettes, and other vaping devices, as well as illegal drugs, is strictly prohibited on all conference facilities. Participants are expected to adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding the consumption, possession, or use of any of these substances during the conference.

1.5 Participants are expected to treat each other with courtesy, tolerance, and fairness. Harassment, bullying, discrimination, or any other form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated during the conference.

1.6 This policy includes but is not limited to verbal, written, or physical harassment, as well as online or offline conduct that creates a hostile or intimidating atmosphere for others. Acts such as offensive comments, derogatory jokes, unwanted advances, or any behavior that infringes on the rights and dignity of others are strictly prohibited. Such behavior goes against the principles of EGIMUN and may result in immediate disciplinary measures, including but not limited to warnings, suspension from conference activities, or removal from the conference, as determined by the EGIMUN secretariat and designated staff.

1.7 Participants understand and agree to comply with all travel rules and curfews set by EGIMUN. The decisions of the EGIMUN secretariat and designated staff are final.

1.8 EGIMUN reserves the right to take appropriate actions, including expulsion from the conference without a refund, in cases where a participant’s behavior is deemed to be disruptive, inappropriate, or in violation of the conference’s code of conduct. Participants understand that the decisions of the EGIMUN secretariat and designated staff are final.