Youth Advocacy Committee

About Youth Advocacy Committee (YAC)

The Youth Advocacy Committee (YAC) is EGIMUN’s newest addition to place youth issues at the core of the conference. Advocates will collaboratively work towards issues at the heart of youth engagement and inclusion.

Rules of Procedure

Advocates in YAC will be representing themselves based on their own opinions and perspectives and will be debating resolutions on the Issues on the Agenda. For more detailed rules of procedure, click here.

Issues on the Agenda

Click on the issue for the issue report.

1. Empowering youth to actively take roles in global efforts to prepare for and respond to health crises

2. Setting a framework for youth-driven initiatives aimed at the prevention and remediation of drug addiction.

Meet the Chairs 

Tia Helmy

YAC President

Sherif El Mankabady

YAC Assistant President

Taymour Rabie

YAC Assistant President